5 Thing of my personal life:

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by: Nolah Lewis

1.Why im about to begin blogging/ about me:

Blogging Interests me, hopefully this can go on for however long as it possibly can. Unfortunately, im not the greatest blogger…But heyyy i just started. It takes time and practice makes perfect. I’ll be talking about lots of fun topics that will substantially catch you guys interests !

Heads Up; Im trying my best here. I’ve always dreamed about becoming a writer, photographer, designer and model in the near future. Most importantly i have to know what steps to take to get to the stage of becoming great at the things i have in mind of doing.

My Names Nolah Lewis, From Chicago.Puertirican, Black and 10%Indian. Age 16, sketch in my head of what my future will look like. Birthday Feb 25th. who’s a #Pisces if you are Shoutout to you because i am too.

2. Practicing photgraphy skills around the house :

Becoming a photographer has always been on my mind since i was a little girl. I Occasionally practice it throughout the entire household. What im working on At the moment is how to take pictures, Which is my number one goal in focusing on. On the OtherHand, another thing im working on are editing the pictures and trying to make them look good. Im not an expert but i’ll eventually get there.

3. Dream of becoming a writer:

Ever since i took Creative Writing class, I’ve Embarked on becoming an Excellent writer. It made me conscious of how successful i could become as i get older.Writing is Intoxicating, Mind-Blowing and it gives me devotion, and eagerness to write about meaningful things that comes to mind.Writing gives me strength to strive forward in life and become something better. THIS is why i would like ( LOVE ) To become a Writer.

4. Modeling is my passion:

Growing up, My Sisters and me had fake fashion shows. When i Instantly realized how Diverting this was i knew right then and there that modeling was the perfect fit for me. I’ve been doing it since the age of 12 but now im in highschool so i haven’t really had much time to focus on doing that. If you’re in highschool you can definately RELATE! Lol.

5. Resplendent designer/ Working on drawing:

Designing My Own clothes & Having a company for it would be gleaming, which is the brilliant thing I’ve definately been dreaming of doing. I have a few ideas of how some of my clothing and the material would look like.I also want to work on my drawing skills,im a decent drawer. The main thing that i need to learn how to do is draw people; Cartoon people characters are easy to draw.By looking at someones face in person and trying to draw a description of them is hard for me because im not an expert and i haven’t learned how to draw people yet, Eventually i will though.


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